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The Haunted Presidio

October 01, 2018

Located near the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco’s Presidio is one of the oldest places in the City. From its earliest days it was inhabited by Native Americans long before it was under the control of Spain and Mexico. Before it came under the auspices of the Park Service in 1994, the Presidio’s primary function was as a military installation for well over two hundred years. It is rich with history and culture, and also seems to be the permanent home of a somewhat “spirited” population.

These ghostly folk are well able to make themselves known, and it’s little wonder that paranormal activity has been reported over the years, particularly in light of the fact that the Presidio grounds contain the graves of Native Americans, soldiers, and many pets! Sightings of men in Army uniforms, cold spots, and weird goings-on in the Pet Cemetery have all been reported. If you want to indulge your inner ghost hunter, one of San Francisco’s Halloween Ghost Tours offers a tour of the Presidio during the last two weeks in October.

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