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Celebrate the Return of the Sea Lions

January 06, 2020

Join thousands of supporters, spectators, and marine life aficionados at Pier 39 from January 17−20 to welcome the sea lions back to San Francisco. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the return of these fascinating creatures that have made the pier their favorite “barking place.” Since the initial arrival of a few sea lions in 1989, a generous supply of food and a sheltered environment increased their numbers to 500 by 1990. This delightful phenomenon intrigued and charmed reporters the world over, and Pier 39’s favorite visitors are now considered both local celebrities and honored guests.

For the best experience, be sure to visit the Sea Lion Center, which is managed and operated by the Aquarium of the Bay. You’ll find interactive displays, educational videos, and many fascinating presentations led by the Aquarium of the Bay Educators. You can also touch a real sea lion pelt and stand next to a sea lion skeleton to see how you measure up. For a sneak peek before you go, or to keep watching after your visit, check out the Sea Lion Cam!